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Where to look for inspiration for your career?

— Nina Schoerner

Inspiration is important for every creative. As someone who must perform creatively full-time and realize projects within given frameworks, I find it difficult at times to feel inspired.

In moments like these I need inattention. It’s when I allow myself to drift, become unconscious and think about my future. Where will I find myself professionally? What do I wish for? Most of the time, the inspiration arrives at completely unexpected moments. When I’m walking my dog, making the bed, cleaning the coffee machine. It’s aligned with activities that don’t require my full attention.

I can be inspired by my idols and their CVs for sure. But the real challenge is to find your own pattern. After my studies, I promised myself to go through every open door to see what is possible and how I can fulfill my potential. Eventually, it’s always up to us. Do we want to study again at 30 and broaden our horizons? Do we want to climb a career ladder and get a job at our dream company? Or do we dream to be independent and self-employed?

To reach our career goals, we can take many different paths. But seeing and manifesting the ultimate goal of our professional endeavors is already half the battle.

Nina Schoerner –
Art Director

Nina Schoerner is a Head of Design and Art Direction at THE WANTS SOCIAL – a 360° strategic agency based in Cologne. She’s also a qualified media designer, currently doing her Master’s in creative leadership.