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What does it mean to work with intention?

— Melia Malmquist

Finding meaning and joy through work can be an incredible source of inspiration. Once you’ve found the work that you love doing any day of the week and any time of the day, each situation can be filled with intention and awareness. As an interior designer, I see how my process is linked to what the finished result will be. Every single detail and care that I put in determines how successful the project will be. With that said, it’s equally important to remember that joy feeds into creativity and makes the journey special for both me and my clients.

I have a curiosity about how a space works and what makes people feel comfortable and I let my values and ethos as a designer guide me in my work. I thrive from researching and sourcing materials, furniture, lighting, and accessories that create long-lasting, healthy, warm, and liveable spaces. All of this helps me work with intention because I know what the purpose of my work is. The result will vary but it will always be led by creating the space that best serves my client’s dreams and needs.

When I feel that I lose track of working with intention because I’m up against a sharp deadline or stuck into tasks that I’m not enjoying so much, bringing myself to again think of my ethos and values brings purpose even to technically challenging or sometimes mundane tasks. I feel motivated by being guided by intention rather than some external metric of success because the intention is in my control, and it has a real positive impact on my well-being. 

Melia Malmquist –
Interior Designer

Melia Malmquist is a London-based interior designer with Swedish roots designs spaces with a focus on well-being. With a Scandinavian sensibility and holistic approach to design, she designs spaces for a life well-lived. Her work spans boutique hotels and high-end residentials from one of London’s Top Interior Design studios to her own North London home.