Women tell Women

How to give and receive advice?

— Estée Lalonde

I think the most important aspect of giving advice is to not be judgmental. It can feel vulnerable for some people to ask for advice, so being met with judgement or a condescending tone can be really jarring for someone. Accepting what they tell you, and instead focusing on what can help them is a much more productive way than telling them what they should or shouldn’t have done.

When you’re receiving advice an open mind to someone’s point of view is essential. Often, the issue you want help with will be something that feels very sensitive to you. Being defensive makes it hard to properly take on someone’s advice. It’s important to remember that this person is giving their advice because they care and want what is best for you in this situation. Staying open minded to their point of view is crucial because it gives an outside perspective that can be helpful.

Estée Lalonde –

Estée Lalonde is a Creative Director living in London, England. Known for creating videos, hosting & producing podcasts and her love for all things beauty, she is also the founder of Mirror Water – a lifestyle community focused on self-reflection. She aims to build a space for people that value vulnerability and introspection. Estée has collaborated with brands such Lancôme, Garnier and Adidas and has been featured in publications including Vogue, The Telegraph, Glamour, The Cut and WWD.