Women tell Women

How to stay agile in your work?

— Ana Camus

I believe we must change the concept of leadership to break with the patriarchal structures established for centuries. This also concerns how we live and align ourselves in our day to day. To stay agile, it is key to nurture oneself holistically – both physically and mentally.​ If you’re tired or anxious, your team will feel it. You need to take care of yourself first.

Personally, I do it by meditating,​ training,​ consuming ethical and sustainable brands, researching new fields. Curiosity generates flexibility ​that helps you get prepared for creative challenges​.​ It’s only by listening, empathizing with my team, showing my flaws, and creating the community outside of the work environment that I can make a room for change. That’s why I always discuss difficult moments with my co-workers – this automatically ​releases me from the predefined thought loops and allows to adopt a different mindset​.

It is healthy to flee from perfection. Move forward even if things are not ideal. Use a sense of humor and surround yourself with people with different energies; create teams that combine serenity, empowerment, youthfulness but also discipline. It is extremely useful to explore diverse perspectives​.​ ​What if you include a philosopher in your team? Or a theater actor?

Eventually, always have a plan B​.​ It can be a parallel business, podcasts, a collaboration with other social networks, an exhibition, a ​collective. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Go from passive to creative.

Ana Camus –
Creative Director

Ana Camus is a creative director, set designer, stylist and editorial designer for interiors and fashion companies. She specializes in new product development, content creation and strategy building. She holds a degree in Graphic Design from Wales University of Newport and in Typography from Central Saint Martins. Ana has worked for more than twenty years with the best professionals in the field. Her clients include Zara Home, Architectural Digest Spain, and Vogue to name a few. She lectures at different schools as part of creative programs.