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How not to let work affect your mental health?

— Ania Augustynowicz

If you’re a freelancer, your calendar is often divided into super busy and silent periods. In between you’re probably wondering if you will ever work again or you’re dreaming of a holiday break. It’s hard to feel in control, but certainly there’s a way. It’s really enlightening to understand you are your own boss. No one can force you to do anything. You must find time for private life. And if you don’t? Well, burnout guaranteed. Allocate the time to enjoy your breakfast, be efficient at work and then put your mind to rest, do the things that help you detach. I wouldn’t recommend working for 12-15 hours a day. Find balance. I know it’s hard and I’m struggling with that too.

Remember you’re the one setting the boundaries. You need to feel good in the place where you are now. Otherwise, it will seem as if you’re on the edge of losing yourself, your passion and motivation. And that’s not the point because these are the key qualities that gave you courage to pursue your path in the first place. We all have different workflows and expectations. From my experience, it is essential to set up your individual working rules and communicate them to your clients. We are often scared that if we become transparent about them, they will resign from our services. But even in the unlikely event that happens, at least you won’t be wasting your time and health. You might end up having more free time to rest before accepting new commissions. I truly think that you don’t need to struggle to be efficient and do your job right.

Ania Augustynowicz –
Visual Artist

Ania Augustynowicz is a motion designer and mixed-media collage artist based in Warsaw, Poland. Her experience in the fashion industry nourishes her unique perspective that inspires Ania’s artworks. By decomposing and mixing bits of imagery, her works are eye-catching pieces of modern art. Ania’s clients include global fashion brands and magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, CELINE, and many more. She has also worked as a lecturer and has been part of jury panels at creative events & festivals.