Women tell Women

How to be assertive?

— Badal Patel

I’m still learning how to get better at this myself. I think it gets easier over time with practice, but I’ve found that being honest, assertive, and respectful is the best way. In the past, I wouldn’t voice my opinion out of fear, but I quickly realized that in doing that, the outcome didn’t come out as I wanted. If I just would’ve said something, it would’ve made the project or situation better. I realized that most of my job is to speak up and share my thoughts given my particular perspective and years of experience. A good client or collaborator will listen and work through all the options to come to the best solution or ways of working together.

Depending on the circumstances you can be more light-hearted in your approach, but if it’s more of a tough situation, you might rather stay neutral and set your boundaries firmly. Always make sure you’ve had time to process your feelings, so you go into the conversation with a clear mind. At the same time don’t wait too long otherwise it’ll weigh on you more and your points may not be as strong later. Overall, it’s always better to stay true to yourself and get it all out there rather than having any regrets.

Badal Patel –
Art Director & Graphic Designer

Badal Patel is an independent creative director and designer running her own studio. Her work spans categories but she specializes in branding, visual identities, packaging, campaigns, and more. Badal believes that the most purposeful work enhances empathy, drives culture, and offers a tasty element of surprise. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Vogue, Allure, and Vice to name a few.