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How to define your goals?

— Kristel Posen

Reflection is just as important to reaching our goals as working hard towards achieving them.

At the end of the year, we sit together to revisit our projects and set our goals, so we have something tangible and concrete to work towards for the year ahead. Our goals for SOMEKIND are always tied to three questions:

  • Is this aligned with what we love to do?
  • Will it give us more energy and satisfaction?
  • Will it attract more opportunities for us to work on projects we really enjoy doing?

By focusing on these questions, we express and work towards specific goals that are tied to our purpose. It helps us connect with our intentions first before we figure out a clear action plan. This makes it easy for us to transform our why into how: What do we want to happen and how can we use our skills and resources to get there? 

Being aware that our objectives are not static – they evolve as we do – we’ve also made a regular habit of checking in with each other to see how we feel. We are always asking ourselves if we’re working on the right projects and what is it that we should start or keep doing to stay inspired and excited. When we’re focusing on the right assignments, we know that we’re on a good track. 

Kristel Posen –
Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

Kristel Posen is the co-founder of SOMEKIND Studio – an independent design practice based in Brussels. An architect in training and a graphic designer at heart, since she was little, she was obsessed with polishing her handwriting that probably explains her love of typography. She’s founded SOMEKIND Studio in the middle of the pandemic together with a brand strategist Aimee Lara to elevate their individual work to new heights. They’re now helping brands to develop their identity and personality to grow their business.