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How to shift a mindset?

— Miki Lowe

I think the most important step to be capable of shifting your mindset is to become aware of it, understand it better.

It can be challenging to even detect it as it is often this set of beliefs & habitual ways of thinking that we build up over time without realizing. The nature of creative work can be a fertile ground for unhelpful mindsets for many reasons – it’s quite personal to some degree, and boundaries between work & oneself can get blurred. 

Over the years of freelancing, I’ve developed some unhealthy & negative mindsets when it comes to my relationship with work. I didn’t really see them forming until these patterns started generating stress levels that were no longer sustainable.

It isn’t easy to shift a mindset, but it is possible once we know it’s there. One way is to ask ourselves why we’ve come to develop it, or in which moments does it impact us the most. Was there an event that might have led us to think this way? Is it possible to question our way of reasoning and put it into perspective? How can we reframe it? In a way, it’s quite like the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy. 

And then – it takes time. It’s hard to let go of what we believe in overnight. So, we should be patient with ourselves. Take it step by step by questioning & reflecting on our beliefs every time we feel our vision needs to be challenged. 

Miki Lowe –
Multidisciplinary Artist

An Anglo-Japanese multidisciplinary creative, brought up in France & based between London and Spain. Working at the crossroads of illustration and graphic design, Miki’s work merges observations of everyday life with dreamy exoticism and a touch of surrealism. Having collaborated with brands from a diverse range of industries such as art, fashion or advertising, she derives from her multi-cultural upbringing and love of travel.