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Success versus fulfillment?

— Laura Martinova

I think that fulfillment is an internal feeling that is born in ourselves. We feel happy about something that we accomplish in life. And success is something external, a feeling that tells us that we have done something important for the society that we live in. The difference between both is that fulfillment is something personal, whereas success isn’t so personal. Success in our society is usually related to money and fame, but there’s a possibility that those attributes won’t make you feel fulfilled.

I believe that we live in a society that prioritizes how others perceive our achievements – more than how we feel about them ourselves. In that sense, it is important to be able to find balance between how much attention we give to other people’s opinions, and how much we listen to our own judgement (which might be conditioned by the general idea of success). And the more we are able to connect with our gut feelings and try finding fulfillment in ourselves, the happier we can be.

Since I read “Tao te ching” by Lao Tsy some years ago, I decided that I will never go after particular things in life – I will wait for things to come my way. That includes success. I don’t think we should go after it, but try to see fulfillment in every job or action we perform. This is the only way for finding inner peace and meaning in our lives – both professional and personal.

Laura Martinova –

Laura Martinova is a directress & photographer based between Barcelona and Berlin. Her work takes cues from places she lived in – from Prague to London – reflecting her versatility and agility as a creator. She has worked with brands such as Loewe, Ferragamo, Adidas and Stella McCartney to name a few. Her beautiful portfolio encompasses commercials, music videos and fashion films.