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How to start over?

— Cecilia Camacho

It’s a good yet very common question. Especially when we don’t like what we do, when it doesn’t sit right with us or when we feel burned out. When I started over and decided to launch my own business, the trigger was realizing that the work I did for the agency I was employed at was something I could have been doing on my own. So, I’ve made a list of services I could offer and a list of clients I wanted to work with. From then on, it was just all hands-on deck. I activated all my contacts and identified the “cold calls” that I had to make. Proposing specific projects to selected brands worked well for me. Instead of selling my services, I aimed to offer specific ideas so that the clients felt I had taken the time to get to know them, to study their strengths and weaknesses. The strategy worked and the truth is – I still use it.

If I were to define the key points for starting over professionally, I’d write down:

  • you really need to want it and you must have a proactive attitude,
  • you must have a good level of self-awareness and know your strengths and talents to be able to transform them into your own business,
  • you ought to establish a clear strategy with short and mid-term objectives,
  • you should create a database with the details of suppliers, collaborators, and potential clients to have your contacts well-organized,
  • it’s essential to pay attention to all the details. You ought to have a graphic image that represents you and that you can apply consistently throughout your social media, website, and other corporate materials. This will be your calling card and the first thing that will draw or dissuade potential clients,
  • be consistent. Work hard and do not lose your heart at the first hurdle. Obstacles are part of the process, and it is important that your objective remains untainted. It is advisable to be flexible and capable of spinning a project around when necessary,
  • seek balance. Combine work with exercise and meditation to avoid being overwhelmed with stress. It is in these moments that we make the wrong choices, and we lose perspective as our mental and physical condition dwindles.

In short, I truly believe that starting over is always a possibility. We carry many self-limiting beliefs, and we must question them to make a fresh start. No one can give us any guarantees, but my experience tells me that if we are devoted, it is feasible to make it work. All the effort will – in turn – translate into greater joy. A life well-lived is eventually a life of pure belief.

Cecilia Camacho –
Strategic Consultant

Cecilia Camacho has a background in advertising, PR, business studies and communication. With over 20 years of professional experience, she has founded CC/studio – a strategic practice with a 360º approach working with clients such as Localeur – where she is also an Advisory Board Member – Pernod Ricard, Cabify, Starbucks, Accor Hotels, Penguin Random House, World Design Capital València and Carrefour to name a few. For over 15 years, she has been creating content for media including El País and Time Out. Cecilia is also the founder and curator of CC/magazine – an independent online publication dedicated to culture, art, design, innovation & travel. On top of that, she expresses her creativity through collage illustration.