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How to deal with work-related anxiety? 

– Laura Vifer

Navigating the uncertainties of freelancing in a creative field often breeds anxiety. Whether it’s the unpredictable flow of work or doubts about one’s own abilities, these feelings can be overwhelming. It’s essential to pause and remind oneself to stop this anxiety cycle.

What helps me the most in these situations is to share my worries with people who may have a similar work situation, that’s when you realize that you are not alone, and that the anxiety you have is at least understood by others. There’s no point hiding this feeling and sharing it with others brings a lot of support and understanding. 

Additionally, it’s essential to resist the temptation to compare oneself with others, especially in the realm of social media where usually the highlights are showcased. Everyone’s journey is unique and we don’t know the struggles of others even though in Instagram everything looks perfect. So when the anxiety kicks in, I try to stay focused on my path. Maybe it will take longer than others, but what’s important is that I do not allow it to distract me from my goals.

The third piece advice I would give is that by adopting a proactive approach, whether by reaching out to potential collaborators or embarking on personal projects, this creates movement and alleviates stress. Regardless of project scale, the key is to keep moving forward as every effort contributes to progress. 

Laura Vifer –

Based between Berlin & Barcelona, Laura is a photographer and director with a keen eye for composition and color. She approaches her subjects with playfulness and honesty, aiming to capture their creativity and energy. That’s why her shots blur the lines between editorial and documentary, adding a unique touch to her commercial works. Laura has worked for clients such as Adidas, Lacoste, Nike, Sony Music and Dior Beauty to name a few.